chicken tractor (the Tasty Shed annex)

We built this chicken tractor for the girls – very handy for when we need to do something in the backyard and need them out of the way; or if we want to give the grass in the backyard a bit of a break.
Features include:

  • Made from scrap lumber. All the black rubber bits (e.g. the handles and strap) are old bicycle tubes.
  • Half of it is shaded by burlap from old coffee bags (procured for free from a local coffee roaster)
  • Lightweight – can be moved by 1 person (although the size makes it easier with 2 people).
  • Folds up to be quite narrow – takes up very little space along the garage wall.

It’s always a big hit when the girls are in the front yard in the tractor and people walk by.