Moving Out

We kicked the little chicks out to the hen house on Sunday. At nearly 7 weeks old they are old enough to hang tough outside. Well maybe not that tough, they still need a heat lamp and they can’t stand up to the older hens just yet.
We divided the hen house in half with chicken wire, one half for the little girls and one half for the big girls. The heat lamp keeps the coop a toasty 60F for the little chicks. The little chicks are excited to be in the hen house. The big girls are not so excited to share their space…
The first night older hens just stood at the divider and squawked in protest. Torta even tried to peck at the chicks through the wire! We just let them squawk. I hope the neighbors didn’t hear the hens. We couldn’t hear them in our house so we are guessing the neighbors can’t hear them either.
Tonight the older hens flat out refused to even go in their house. I had to lure them in to the hen house with treats. Once inside more squawking protests. I suspect that in addition to the verbal abuse the older hens are stealing bedding from the chicks. The chick side of the wire wall is always sadly low on bedding while the older hens have so much bedding is it spilling out of the door.

Cleaned Out

I cleaned out the coop for the first time this weekend in preparation for moving the chicks in. DUDE there was A LOT of BEDDING in there – Four 55 gallon bags, two of them were nearly full. I was super glad we took the time to install the drop down floor. It made mucking out the soiled bedding very easy. And you know 6 month old poop and bedding isn’t nearly as gross as you would think it would be. It was a lot dustier than I expected and I was glad to have a dust mask handy.
Scott laughed at me when I pounded a sign in the parking strip “Free Chick’n Poop”. He didn’t believe that anyone would want the bedding mixed with poop. HA! The first bag was gone with in the 1st hour and the rest were gone before the 2nd hour finished up. The ad on craigslist had a lot to do with the speedy disappearing act.