Additional Additions

Two more chicks found their way in to our brooder today. The new Barred Rock chicks are our insurance policy for getting a flock of five hens. We are concerned that one or more of the three original chicks could ‘fail to thrive’ or turn out to be a rooster. So the new chicks are here just in case.
Once we move the chicks out to the hen house we will re-home any extra chicks. Portland is so chicken crazy that we shouldn’t have any trouble finding homes for them.

Egg Watch 2008 – Day 1

The Fajita and Torta are 21 weeks old today(ish). 21 weeks is the soonest they should/could be laying eggs.
We have been regularly checking for eggs for about a week even though we knew they weren’t old enough to lay eggs. Now we begin the waiting in earnest.
No eggs today.

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